BTS: Be A #NoYellowChick Video

It all started in a boardroom meeting with our marketing team and a cheeky answer to the question: “What’s cute and yellow?” Why a chick, of course! Then came the idea of a pun on comparing a cute baby chick to a no yellow blonde chick. And thus, the be a #noyellowchick campaign was born. [...]

Silver Toner

The silver trend has been one of the most popular colour trends of 2018 and it is still continuing to shine. Fanola’s Silver Toner has been used by our favourite Australian stylists like @loveisinthehair_byjanet and @ultrafadebyrich to produce amazing colour results on their client’s hair. As desired as luscious silver locks are, it is no [...]

Fiber Fix

Perhaps your clients have grown accustomed to brands such as Olaplex and Cureplex. These -plex treatments are essential for improving hair quality during lifting and colouring services. They help restructure the bonds in the hair, leaving it silkier and softer during and after the process. Fanola’s Fiber Fix performs a similar role in the process. [...]