Why Are More Salons Switching To Ammonia Free Hair Colour?

Why Are More Salons Switching To Ammonia Free Hair Colour?

You’ve probably heard the term Ammonia free hair colour being thrown around more frequently online and in the salon. In recent years, there has been a shift in trends and more people are moring towards Ammonia free products. There are skeptics out there that do not believe that ammonia free hair colour has the ability to inject all that colour and be effective as ammonia concentrated hair dyes. Luminous ammonia free hair colour is possible with the right product. So, why are more salons switching to ammonia free hair colour?

What Is Ammonia Free Hair Colour?

Ammonia free hair colour is hair dye that does not have any ammonia compounds in it. Ammonia is a high alkaline agent used in hair dye to open up the hair cuticle in order for the colour to penetrate into the hair. The ammonia is what gives off that unpleasant odour and is something that many people dislike.

The CONS To Ammonia-Based Hair Dyes

Over time the addiction of colouring your hair over and over again can take a toll. The look of over-processed hair isn’t nice.  It’s dry, unmanageable, dull and the amount of breakage done to the hair cuticle is irreversible. It feels as though no hair treatment in the world could bring back to its original state. This is because of the ammonia in hair dye.
With the intense long colour sessions, the ammonia can be harmful to your health. For sensitive clients, the irritation on the scalp can be aggravating. The strong smell of ammonia over time can be nauseating and stinging on the nose too.
And if this is an issue for the client, how about the salon staff? Can you just imagine having to smell it every day? Day in and day out, in an enclosed environment too.


So what to do?  The client has a sensitive scalp and wants beautifully dyed hair and the staff need a healthier working environment. In order to satisfy the needs of both the clientele and staff, the solution is ammonia free hair colour.

The health benefits of Ammonia free colour is the reason why more salons are switching to the new and improved formulaMore than just a fad, ammonia free hair dye was created to be more beneficial for coloured hair. You can still achieve block colours and subtle natural hair tones with ammonia free dyes because of their unique formulation. The results are still dynamic with satisfying colours, without further damage to your hair.

What Ammonia Free Products Are There?

There aren’t many professional ammonia free brands on the market, so luckily at FANOLA you can find the best hair dye without ammonia here. Fanola brings you the premium ammonia free hair colour range in ORO Therapy. ORO Therapy offers ammonia free multidimensional colours with added conditioning ingredients. Being Italian owned and made, it is cruelty free too. What an added bonus!


Fanola provides the innovative ORO Therapy range of ammonia free hair colours which must be used in conjunction with the Fanola ORO Therapy activators as well. In this range of hair colours the ammonia free benefits are;

Benefits Of Fanola Oro Therapy Colour


  • ORO therapy colours do not have a smell. There is no fragrance, so you don’t get that pungent scent making it both an enjoyable experience for you and the client.
  • ORO Therapy is still classified as an ammonia free permanent hair colour. It still feels gentle on the hair and with strong colour pigment too.
  • There have been doubts that ammonia free hair colour cannot cover greys, but it certainly can.  ORO Therapy offers the best ammonia free hair colour to cover grey with maximum coverage.
  • The ORO therapy range can still achieve brilliantly coloured, softer, shinier and silkier hair. How is this possible? It is because of the nourishing components from the argan oil, keratin and 24 Karat gold extracts in the products. And here is why;

– The natural and powerful antioxidant that is argan oil provides rejuvenation and strengthens the hair. Rich in vitamin E, it protects the cells from further damage leaving hair soft and hydrated.

– The keratin enhances the body and vitality of the hair regenerating the dull and weak hair shafts during the colouring process.

– The 24 karat gold microparticles lift and intensify the quality of the colour leaving it feeling weightless and full of shine all the while still being gentle on the scalp.

And the best way to upkeep your ammonia free hair colour long lasting is to team it up with the Fanola ORO therapy haircare products.

Oro Therapy Hair Colour Maintenance



  • The Fanola ORO therapy colouring masks will pump in more colour between washes and hairdresser visits. The scented coloured shampoos smell divine and the treatment will help revive the colour by locking in moisture and deposit in more colour for more vibrancy.





  • Fanola ORO Therapy Diamond (Diamante) is best suited for highly stressed and unhealthy hair. The diamond range contains traces of argan oil that repairs the cuticle. Hydrates and strengthens the hair also eliminating frizz resulting from chemical, thermal and environmental stresses.


Fanola Oro Therapy Luxury Diamond Hair Kit


  • Fanola ORO Therapy Ruby (Rubino) is best suited for coloured and treated hair targeting brunettes, coppers, reds and ginger hair colours. It preserves the colour and adds shine, thanks to an anti-oxidant action.


Fanola Oro Therapy Ruby (Rubino) Mask 300 ml


  • Fanola ORO Therapy Sapphire (Zaffiro) is best suited for coloured and treated hair for blondes. As it neutralises the unwanted yellow brassy reflections, reinvigorating the blonde colour, highlights and streaks. This range is also suitable for white and grey hair too.


Not only is ammonia free hair colour great for allergic scalps, damaged hair sufferers but also sensitive salon staff. Ammonia free hair colours would also be useful for apprehensive first time hair dyers with virgin hair that want to give hair dying a go, but do not want to sacrifice the integrity of the hair.

So what are you waiting for? Go ammonia free. Abolish ammonia and dish out unbelievably stunning results.



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