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What You Need to Know About the Fanola No Yellow Range

Unless your customer wants to get strong, mustard-yellow hair colour on purpose, yellow hair undertones are not a desirable outcome of hair colouring. Frequent washes, wrong products, and improper care or too much blow-drying can damage the initial results. Colours inevitably fade and nuances pick up a yellow tinge. This is especially true and unwelcome if a customer wants to do a drastic hair change that involves bleaching. Fanola No Yellow range of hair shampoos, masks, and conditioners is intended to prevent hair from capturing yellow tones too soon and delays the need for a full-colour overhaul.

How to Avoid Blonde Hair Turning Yellow

The first thing to do is to choose an adequate hair colour line and follow the application process to the point. With professional treatment, you will eliminate most of the mistakes with weak bleaches or leaving the tint on the scalp for less or more than needed to get the ideal blonde nuance.

But not all yellow tinge is an outcome of an improper application. The original result requires persistent care to last longer. To solve the problem out of the box, you can look for a semi-permanent solution, such as no-yellow enhancers. No-yellow shampoos contain a dark-violet hue which supports the out-of-the-salon look for weeks after application.

On the colour spectrum, dark violets are complementary to yellows, that is how they make the contrast. When combined, bleached hair treated with no-yellow products keeps the silver shine locked. Instead of reapplying bleach or recolouring often, Fanola No-Yellow hair products help the colour retain its original saturation and vibrancy, reducing the wash-off effect.    

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