Global Creative Team


Alessandro Cavazzini
Technical Education Manager –  Italy

Approaching the world of stylists since childhood, at age 17 he performed for the first time in France during the International Show of a famous French brand. From that moment, Alessandro understood that his future will be linked to the world of education.

At the age of 19, he joined the education area of an Italian multinational where he spent 18 years in various positions to become the manager of international training.

Meanwhile, in the 90s he worked for Riccardo Gay, a renowned fashion agency in Milan, where he was responsible for the image of models like Monica Bellucci, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Bruni, and many other top models, taking care of the photo shoots, Fashion shows and various experiences for national television and movies.

In recent years, he has created educational equipment companies for different brands, responsible for global training.

In 2017, he joined to be a part of Pettenon Cosmetics Spa with the aim of directing the educational area around the world. Alessandro, as head of technical training and thanks to his extraordinary professionalism, works every day in support of product testing, deals with the management of courses and programs, organises international training courses and is responsible for the constant training of ambassadors of brands. Alessandro is also actively involved in the creation of fashion events, collections, photo shoots, support materials and much more.

Jose Itturietta
National Colour Technician – Australia

Jose is a pharmacist who has had extensive knowledge of hair and beauty products and the ingredients that make them function to perfection. He is always looking for new ways to innovate and change the industry through the creation of new products. Jose is always learning and educating himself to keep up to date with the newest trends so that he can bring his best to the plate.

Janet Nguyen
Fanola Ambassador – Australia

Janet Nguyen, sole and independent owner of Love Is in the Hair in Australia has quickly become a household name recognised by many in Sydney’s west and apparently, in other parts of the world, too.

She was always drawn to working with hair so she enrolled for an apprenticeship and continued to work in salons after she graduated. Though she felt that something was missing, she didn’t truly find the passion for hair until she started Love is in the Hair by Janet. What she loved about running her own salon is that she got to help her own clients with their hair ventures.

Janet first discovered Fanola in her early years while training in the salon and has never looked back since. She describes Fanola as being a great product and one of the brand that is a hybrid. She has taken hair colouring and styling to new heights and her client list cannot keep up – she is booked out for an entire year in advance. She is so obscenely good at what she does that people scramble over each other for a chance to sit in her chair.

Over the years her specialty has become the grey beauties. She has a knack for pulling the tones of very dark hair into the delicate recesses of grey and metallic colours without severe yellowing. But it could be that this isn’t so much her specialty as the thing she’s most often asked for, because in the past she has shown an ability with pastels, vivids, and even blonde balayage.

Janet can colour vivids with the best of them and tie it up with a hairstyle like you’ve never seen. But there’s no denying she knows how to make her grey foxes sing, not just through skill in color but with subtle hand for up-dos.

James Miju
Artistic Director – USA

James Miju is the Artistic Director of Fanola, which means his vision is Fanola’s vision. The art he creates with color and cut goes beyond skill and talent. He pushes for the unique that will breathe new life into the hair art community, and as a teacher, he infects new artists with the desire and ability to continue pushing at those borders.

James had an early obsession with hairstyle and fashion. As an LA native, he was constantly exposed to a wealth of high priced, beautiful fashion that was just beyond his reach. At the time he even couldn’t afford to get his hair styled, so when he was young he learned how to do it himself. He began styling hair in a salon at 16 and has since beaten out a unique path for himself in fashion and hair art.

Over the years, the world took notice of the expert work coming from this young artist. People started lining up for his chair for months in advance and other stylists poured over his Instagram for inspiration. So in 2016, he decided to push out and open Mijuvan Salon in LA. Before Mijuvan was even a year old, it drew nationwide respect as it produced some of the most innovative and cutting edge work coming out of California. He’s doing triple time there now as an owner, an artist, and a mentor to new brilliant stylists coming into the industry.

James has become all of this in the midst of his 20s. He is a rising leader and visionary in hair styling who does not believe in boundaries, and he’s bringing the community with him on his journey toward the beautiful unknown. With James Miju’s passion and drive at its head, Fanola’s artistic future is in good hands.

Vena Love
Fanola Ambassador –  USA

Born in Ensenada, Mexico and raised in the LA area since the age of 3, Vena Elizondo has been immersed in a mad concoction of cultural influences her entire life. When she was 16, Vena’s mother enrolled her in beauty school, and over the next three years, Vena would drink in education from Vidal Sassoon, Goldwell, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Bumble & Bumble, Sachajuan, and Oribe. This passionate pursuit for knowledge would create a strong basis for what would later become some of the most striking and original hair art coming out of southern California.

In the midst of her widespread education, Vena got a job assisting at the J. Russell Salon in Palm Springs. It was here that she discovered hair styling was something she could do for a life profession and began to form her identity has a hair artist. Her career, however, did not exactly follow a traditional arc. Vena went freelance after leaving J. Russell and found a vibrant career in styling and coloring for weddings, photo shoots, and creating her own collections of artistic installments. She became a world traveler, a lifestyle blogger, and eventually an educator.

Now, when she isn’t painting a new masterpiece of hair color and cut, she teaches workshops and collaborates with other stylists across the ocean and on both sides of the equator. Her home is Los Angeles, but you could say that her art has become a citizen of the world.

Sammi Wang
Fanola Ambassador –  USA

Sammi Wang started her education with the likes of Paul Mitchell, Vidal Sassoon, and Toni&Guy, and started by renting a chair in a small salon with that strong base of knowledge. It was only a few years before she moved on to become the primary stylist at Ceci Studio, which opened back in 2002, and from there she built herself into a force of knowledge and mentoring in her own right.

Sammi Wang has been in the business for nearly twenty years now, and much of her career has been dedicated to building her salon and mentoring the stylists who come to work there. Ceci Studio has grown significantly in its 17 years largely because of her skill as a hair stylist and colorist, and her patience and generosity with new hair artists.

Josie Vilay
Fanola Ambassador – Canada

Her earliest experience in hair styling was cutting hair on dolls around age seven. In middle school, Josie moved up to dying her friend’s hair, and that original passion never left her. She continued to learn and feed that passion before finally attending Marvel Beauty School in Toronto, and now she’s probably one of the most active colorists in both Canada and the US.

She started her career as a licensed stylist by becoming an independent contractor back in 2008. She was quick to collaborate and learn with her peers, establishing a reputation for being not only very fast but incredibly knowledgeable when it came to coloring. Her work drew more and more attention over time both on social media and in editorials. She has won three Canadian hairstyle awards and became the Senior stylist at the Elan Hair Studio, but that was only the beginning.

Her career has since climbed steeply into teaching and running her own business. She’s now the owner of the Hairology Salon in Winnipeg, a primary educator, and stylist at Wink Studio, and regularly travels to run workshops and collaborate with her hair artist contemporaries, all while seeking out other artists to encourage and learn from. Her goal as a hair artist is always to inspire and be inspired.