A Match Made in Hair-ven

Fanola No Yellow and Nutricare

Fanola No Yellow will bring back the purest vibrancy of blonde hair. The range smells like the delicious scent of sherbet lollies. As a shampoo and mask, it is a pure deposit. The intense violet micro-pigments may be alarming at first, but rest assured it will neutralise and mute unwanted yellow tones. It will turn bleached and blonde hair into gorgeously bright cool tones of ashy goodness.

As we all know, bleaching and lightening services can be quite damaging to the hair. This is because bleach removes colour from hair in the process of oxidation, raising the hair’s outer cuticle to allow the bleaching agent to penetrate. Repeated bleaching can result in a continuous loss of moisture, making hair dry and brittle in the process. No Yellow works extremely well to tone bleached and lightened hair, but it does not provide hair with that added nourishment that de-coloured hair needs to look and feel healthy.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to restore hydration to hair with the extensive range of delectable Fanola Nutricare products to uphold the moisture and to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Continuously using Nutricare with No Yellow is a match made in heaven as the two work in perfect synergy. With a wide selection to choose from, you are bound to find the right one for you.

Nutricare Shampoo and Conditioner smells decadently rich and has a creamy butterscotch scent. The shampoo works extremely well for very damaged and weak hair as it repairs and strengthens the hair fibres leaving the hair feeling instantly improved as if it were renewed. The hair is left stronger as the conditioner reconstructs and protects the hair from further damage. Nutricare Shampoo and Conditioner has been designed to target each strand of hair according to its own level of damage.

The Nutricare Restructuring range smells a bit like Lanolin cream. The Restructuring Mask adds moisture to the hair by offering deep repairing and nourishing properties to allow hair to stay smoother, sleeker and easier to detangle.

When dealing with split ends, the Nutricare Restructuring Cream is your best friend. Thanks to its unique formulation, the cream will reconstruct and repair the hair. The Leave-In Conditioner is essential to maintain that extra repairing action as it makes the hair feel stronger, smoother and look shinier.

To add more moisture, if need be, the Nutricare Leave-In Restructuring Spray Mask 10 Action can be added as it is extra conditioning. Its lightweight formula will not weigh the hair down at all.

Last but certainly not least, the Nutricare Restructuring Fluid Crystals serum smells like sweet juicy watermelon on a hot summer’s day. It comes in a luscious tangerine colour that offers a non-greasy formula making hair more manageable, shinier and softer to touch.

Fanola No Orange and After Colour

Fanola’s No Orange range is ideal for dark blondes as those colours tend to emit orange and copper reflections. It is effective for neutralising orange tones in dark blonde hair. No Orange Shampoo and Mask smells fresh, zesty and citrusy just like men’s aftershave.

To really get that long lasting colour when using No Orange, use Fanola’s After Colour Range. Not only does it smell like delicate scents of musk, but it will protect your hair colour from fading. It will allow your hair to stay nice, silky and lively.

After Colour Shampoo protects coloured hair by locking in the colour, making hair shine more vibrantly. The rich texture of the conditioner leaves coloured hair easier to detangle and smooth out while still enhancing the lustre and protecting the colour. The mask proves to be nourishing for weak and dry hair as it wraps a lightweight film to protect against the elements of everyday wear and tear.

After Colour Fluid Crystals is a hypnotic green fluid that smells like watermelon, also lightweight to give you hair that added shine without weighing it down.

Do your hair a favour by toning and protecting your brilliant colour, while also giving your hair that nourishment it needs to stay healthy and shiny.

You can see what Youtuber Natalie Brown has to say about the Fanola No Yellow and Nutricare duo in the video below. Please feel free to comment below on your own experiences using these matches made in hair-ven. Enjoy!


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