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Perhaps your clients have grown accustomed to brands such as Olaplex and Cureplex. These -plex treatments are essential for improving hair quality during lifting and colouring services. They help restructure the bonds in the hair, leaving it silkier and softer during and after the process. Fanola’s Fiber Fix performs a similar role in the process.

This treatment is essential in the bleaching or colouring service to protect your client’s hair. When bleaching and colouring, the outer layer of the hair cuticle is opened in order to change the structure of the hair to change its colour. The hair is damaged in this process as hair bonds are being broken and in parts of the hair cuticle. Applying this treatment during the service has the ability to protect and restructure the hair simultaneously.

Fiber Fix has highly concentrated levels of amino acids that penetrates the hair structure. This, in effect, strengthens and seals the structural bond of the hair. Hair, like skin and nails, is made of keratin. Amino acids help to multiply keratin bonds to reinforce the sulphur bridges that have been damaged during chemical treatments. It treats hair simultaneously as it is being lightened or coloured, leaving hair more plump, shiny and stronger after a colouring service.

Fiber Fix comes in a three-part treatment:

The first part is the Bond Fixer No.1 at a 3,0 – 3,5 pH is a restorative treatment that protects and restructures the hair fibre during technical services. While the chemical process is occurring, it penetrates the hair to restore it, leaving hair shiny, strong and healthy.

The second step is Bond Connector No. 2 at a 3,3 – 3,7 pH acts as a sealing cream in application. It completes and stabilises hair to lock in the colour. It protects and soothes hair for a more intense and lasting colour.

The final step of Fiber Fix is the multifunctional finalising shampoo at a pH of 4,3 – 4,7. It locks in colour and seals the cuticle, protecting the hair.

The result of the Fiber Fix treatment is softer and smoother hair. The client will not recognise that their hair has been broken and damaged in the colouring process as it emerges even softer and smoother than it had been prior to the treatment.


2 thoughts on “Fiber Fix

  1. If I use this product will I still need a purple shampoo to keep my hair ash grey?

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Yes, you will as Fiber Fix only helps rebuild the bonds in your hair that are deconstructed during the bleaching process. However, it is not a toner so you will need No Yellow Shampoo to maintain the colour of your ash grey hair.

      We hope this is helpful!

      Fanola Team

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