How To Use Blonde Toning Shampoo

How To Use Blonde Toning Shampoo

How to use blonde toning shampoo is the question on every blondes lips. It’s every ladies dream for their hair to stay that fresh-out-of-the-salon colour until the next visit in a few months, but unfortunately, a beautiful golden mane requires maintenance and a bit of extra effort in between those hair colouring sessions. Whether you’ve gone blonde, ashy blonde, platinum, grey, silver, or white you would be no stranger to those pesky brassy tones. They slowly creep through and ruin that shade you’ve been so proudly rocking.

The worst thing is that the causes of discolouration to lighter hair are pretty much inevitable. Washing your hair, straightening, curling, swimming, and product build-up all play a part in sucking out the precious colour from those locks.

Blondes can have it hard, but it’s oh-so-worth-it if you do it right!  That’s when blonde toning shampoos play a big role in saving your hair. They’re a saviour for eliminating those unwanted yellow tones and keeping that colour vibrant, step in to save the misery.  You may have come across the buzz on social media with people including hairdressers raving about the results from using ‘Fanola No Yellow Shampoo’, which is the most popular blonde toning shampoo on the market to date. 

So how does blonde toning shampoo work? What exactly are the benefits of it? Does it really work? Find out why this magic weapon is behind every perfect shade of blonde.

How does blonde toning shampoo work?

Toning shampoos are typically known as ‘purple shampoo’. But they’re purple for a reason, and that is the key active ingredient for dispelling those yellow tones!  To understand how it works, we need to get to the basics of the colour wheel.

The colour wheel consists of pairs of colours that are directly opposite of each other. Red and green, blue and orange, and purple and yellow. This means these pairs of colours essentially cancel each other out. So in terms of hair, when you use purple shampoo on blonde, the violet pigment will pick up any yellowness in the hair and eliminate it. It acts by toning it down to a more ashy or platinum tone.

This also goes for blue on orange! Have you ever heard of blue shampoo? That’s right, toning shampoos come in purple and blue.  Those with darker blonde, bronde or light brown hair tend to acquire more of a brassy orange rather than yellow.  In this case, blue – being the opposite of orange on the colour wheel is the best bet for cancelling out those orange hues and toning them towards that ashy goodness.  You may have also seen the hype on Instagram of the ‘Fanola No Orange Shampoo. No orange is basically a blue shampoo for toning unwanted orange and copper tones in the hair.  With posts all over Instagram of before and after’s on even wigs and extensions, the Fanola No Orange sure is a favourite amongst many!

What are the benefits of using toning shampoos?

Blonde toning shampoo is an absolute necessity and highly beneficial for anyone whose hair has been colour-treated to any shade of blonde, grey or white. The benefits:

  • Directly tones and neutralises unwanted brassy tones and reflections
  • Brightens colour making it more lively and vibrant
  • Adds a fine ashy silvery tone to the hair
  • Saves you both time and money from going into the salon for regular toning sessions between colours
  • Can be used in the salon as a pre and post toning solution

How often should I be using blonde shampoo?

The frequency in which you wash your hair will play a role in how often you should be using a specialised shampoo. Keep in mind that you’re not completely replacing your regular shampoo with a blonde shampoo. But rather you’re using it in conjunction with your regular shampoo.  Generally, it is recommended for use once or twice a week depending on the product and how often you usually need to wash your hair.  For example, with Fanola No Yellow and No Orange shampoos, it is recommended for use about once a week or whenever brassiness becomes visible. It’s important not to overuse blonde toning shampoos however as this may cause some product-build up.

What are some tips on using purple toning shampoos?

Although not mandatory, using a detoxifying/clarifying shampoo beforehand allows your hair to absorb the blonde toning shampoo more easily. As your hair has been deeply cleansed of product build-up and pollutants, you’ll see better-toning results. Massage the product into the scalp and work it to the tips applying it evenly. You wouldn’t want a glowing beautiful blonde colour with yellow tips! Make sure that you analyse your hair beforehand to know which parts need the most attention from the toning and focus on those areas when applying.

Instead of rinsing out the shampoo straight away the same way you would with a regular shampoo, it’s important to leave it in for a certain amount of time to allow it to do its magic. This ranges from 1-15 minutes.

How long should I leave toning shampoo in for?

The amount of time to leave it in ranges from 1-15 minutes depending on the product, how much brassiness there is to the hair, and how thick your hair is. 
No Yellow shampoo which is formulated with a rich violet pigment is recommended to be left in for 1-3 minutes before rinsing out. No Orange is recommended to be left in for 1-5 minutes. It’s best not to leave blonde toning shampoo in for more than the recommended time as this could cause a slight lilac or blue staining to the hair, but this can easily be reduced with a detoxifying shampoo. Observing your hair after the first wash or two is key to knowing exactly how long is best for you to be leaving the shampoo in regularly!

What conditioner do I use after using toning shampoo?

Because toning shampoos do most of the work, it is possible to use a regular conditioner. For maximum results, it’s always best to follow up with a blonde toning conditioner straight after rinsing out the shampoo.  Fanola’s No Yellow Mask which is also formulated with a special violet pigment locks the toning in by sealing the cuticle and creating a protective film on the hair. Which effectively conditions the hair, leaving it soft, silky and shiny. If you wanted to try something that doesn’t contain pigments but adds moisture to the hair, look to the Nutricare range. This range is also great to on the alternate days of washing with the blonde shampoo.

Do you have other tips and tricks we’ve missed when trying to select the perfect blonde toning shampoo? Comment below and share them with us. Remember to use the toning shampoo every second wash or so for the best results. The toning effects can last up to 8 washes! That means your shampoo and mask will last extra long! Don’t forget to tag us on facebook and Instagram with your transformations. Bye-bye brass and hello the perfect blonde!


2 thoughts on “How To Use Blonde Toning Shampoo

  1. Hi, I used to leave the fanola on my hair for only 3 minutes as otherwise it would leave the real light parts of my hair with voilet bits.
    Now I leave it in for 5 whole minutes and it no longer works. It takes out some of the orange but no longer gives me that really ashy colour that I used to love.
    Is there any reason why this is?
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Kinga, thanks for getting in contact with us. Regarding the No Yellow Shampoo formula, this hasn’t changed as far as we are aware. If you can send us through some pictures of your hair we can better assess what products would suit your hair colour the best, and we can go from there.

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