Silver Toner

The silver trend has been one of the most popular colour trends of 2018 and it is still continuing to shine. Fanola’s Silver Toner has been used by our favourite Australian stylists like @loveisinthehair_byjanet and @ultrafadebyrich to produce amazing colour results on their client’s hair. As desired as luscious silver locks are, it is no easy feat to achieve. Your client needs to be prepared to commit Your client’s hair needs be lightened to a level 10 or at least a clean level 9 for it to be a nice silver result.

But why Fanola’s Silver Toner? As part of the Prestige range, the toner has all the benefits of Fanola colours that is enriched with Ginkgo Biloba which helps prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth. The formula offers protection for both the hair and scalp, leaving it healthier and shinier. Fanola colours is known for its intensity, vibrancy and richness in colour, providing root to tip coverage.

@loveisinthehair_byjanet has created some beautiful silver hair using Fanola colours and toners, as pictured below.

Here are a few things your client should know before they attempt to go silver:

It is time consuming  

Depending on the current colour of your client’s hair, it would first start with the lightening process. This could take numerous sittings to lift hair to the right level before the full effect of silver toner can result. Also dependent on this process is cost – the more sessions, the costlier achieving this goal will be. Bleaching can also damage the ends of hair, so your client may also need to be prepared for a shorter length in the process.

What Fanola Silver Toner does

The silver toner performs two functions. First, it tones yellow out of bleached hair to neutralise the yellow. Then it simultaneously deposits silver onto hair.

Different shades and results on different hair

Your client may have come to you with a picture from Instagram of how they wanted their hair to look. Tell them that results may vary depending on the porosity of their hair, how much yellow needs to be counteracted and how long it has been left on. Silver hair also looks better with different dimensions

They don’t have to do their full head of hair

If your client isn’t prepared to fully commit to all silver, then you might suggest some silver highlights to pair with a cool toner. They can also blend it in with other silver tones such as a blue or violet.

Depends on client’s complexion

Make sure your client is aware that different shades of silver will suit them better based on their complexion. Silver and grey are cool tones that tend to suit paler or olive complexions.

Maintaining silver hair

Your clients will need to know that silver hair requires regular maintenance. The first step is shampooing less often to ensure their silver tone stays intact. They may need to invest in a dry shampoo to keep their hair fresh between washes. They will also need to wash their hair with cool water to avoid fading from heat.

Purple shampoo is an essential. Fanola’s No Yellow Shampoo is the perfect pair as it will tone out unwanted yellow tones and keep the hair cool. It is recommended for use once a week alongside the mask. Another essential is thermal protector to reduce colour damage from hot styling tools.


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