Blonde shampoo

What Is Blonde Shampoo?

If you’re someone with blonde hair then you know it tends to get dull and yellow over time. Therefore blonde shampoo is used to counteract and neutralise those yellow-tones allowing the hair to look bright and healthy. But like, what actually is blonde shampoo? Blonde shampoo is often just referred to as purple shampoo, BUT don’t forget about blue shampoo. There’s often questions around which one is better suited, what exactly they are and what exactly does it do. Keep reading to find out the answers to all your blonde shampoo questions!

Purple Shampoo

Let’s start with Purple Shampoo. Basically, it’s a violet coloured shampoo that is designed to distribute purple pigments throughout your hair to neutralise any yellow. The purple pigment found in blonde shampoo will help assist in colour correcting your hair from the warm yellow tones to a cool ashy tone. Purple shampoo is made for bright and lighter blondes, either naturally or by visiting the hair salon. Ideally, purple shampoo is targeted to those with blonde, platinum, silver, grey or white hair.

Blue Shampoo

Blue Shampoo is the lesser known blonde shampoo but not at all the lesser product! No Orange is perfect if you are a darker blonde or if you’re a brunette with lighter highlights or balayage. Hair that is lower then a level 7.5 can use this product but it will only eliminate orange tones. Blue Shampoo works hard to destroy orange and brassy tones in the hair. (P.S, you won’t be able to get rid of any red tones in your hair using this product.)

Colour Breakdown

We cannot stress how important the colour chart is when it comes to blonde shampoo! This comes down to colour science with the cool and warm tones. If you look at the chart below you can see which colours are adjacent to each other. You can see blue is across from orange and purple is across from yellow. This means you use one colour to cancel out another, using the cooler tones to eliminate the warmer tones.


colour wheel
source: Pexels


How Often Should You Use Blonde Shampoo?

Based on how pigmented your blonde shampoo is, depends on how often you should be using blonde shampoo. For example, if you’re using Fanola’s No Yellow shampoo you will only need to use it around once a week due to the formula being rich in ingredients and it’s highly pigmented violet colour. However using too much of a purple shampoo or too often can cause buildup and leave your hair looking purple. This is when you should opt for a clarifying shampoo to help strip back any unnecessary build up of your blonde shampoo. If you didn’t want to use the clarifying shampoo as your second wash you can use it to dilute your purple shampoo. Which means you may need to use it more often then once a week. Unless a purple tinge is what you are aiming for in which case use twice a week!

Why Is Blonde Shampoo Important If I Have Blonde Hair?

Now that we’ve covered what is blonde shampoo and how to use it, it’s time to understand why it’s important for your blonde hair. When your hair is lightened an underlining pigment of a pale yellow is exposed therefore the need for a toning solution is apparent to counteract those yellow-tones. In between your salon visits is when the use of of purple shampoo is most vital to you. Why? Because it’s going to assist you battling the inevitable and prolong your colour by allowing you to treat your hair from home without any reoccurring damage from lightening and toning at your salon.


blonde hair
Source: Pexels


There are many determining factors into why your hair starts to turn yellow whether that be from the environment or the tools you use to style your hair. Sunlight naturally lightens your hair but it wont lighten it to the extent you want, it’ll have golden highlights rather than the creamy white tone you can get after a fresh colour from the salon. Pollution in the air is another environmental factor that causes your hair to turn yellow. When you use heated tools on your hair it strips back any of the cool tones from your hair and starts to replace it with warm tones due to the heat lifting the hair. We always recommend using a heat protectant spray to help prevent or slow down any yellow tones arising. Being a blonde is hard work, often costly but oh, so worth it! Learning how to maintain and care for your blonde hair will always pay off.

Overall, blonde shampoo will be your best friend if you find yourself fighting yellow-tones in your blonde hair.  Feel free to ask us any questions below! We’d love to hear from you.


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