What Is Bleach Used For?

 If you want to go lighter with your hair colour. Then we can guarantee that the majority of the time your hairdresser will need to use bleach. A considerable amount of colouring techniques require bleach such as balayage, highlights and scalp bleach. Bleaching your hair requires a lot of skill and expertise. Therefore, never attempt to bleach your hair at home and always use a trusted professional. However, it is important to remember that when having your hair bleached, you will not always be able to achieve your desired results in the first sitting. It is why having a consultation before your appointment is necessary. It allows your hairdresser to examine your hair and assess how many sessions it will take to reach your required colour.


Fanola No Yellow Bleach

 The No Yellow colour line is dedicated to achieving pure, absolute and impeccable blondes. The range includes a bleaching system that neutralises undesired yellow tones during technical services in the salon. The bleaching system includes:

  •  No Yellow Violet Lightening Cream
  • No Yellow Clay Lightener
  • No Yellow Ultra Lightener

 The No Yellow Violet Lightening Cream is suitable to use for all lightening services. It is boosted with extra violet micro-pigments for an anti-yellowing action. The lightening cream lifts up to 7 to 8 tones with a balanced gradual action. Another bleach available to purchase from the No Yellow range is the No Yellow Clay Lightener. This lightener is specifically designed for balayage and freehand techniques. It has excellent consistency and lifts up to 6 to 7 tones. The most powerful bleach in the No Yellow range is the No Yellow Ultra Lightener. It has a lightening power of up to 9 tones and is suitable for all colouring techniques.

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