Hair Conditioners

 Using a hair conditioner after shampooing your locks is essential for healthy hair. Hair conditioners have many benefits for your hair and shouldn’t be left out of your hair regime. It provides your locks with moisture after cleansing away any natural oils during the shampooing process. It also smoothes down the cuticle, making your strands more manageable and easy to comb. Therefore, making your hair less prone to breakages.


Finding the Right Conditioner for You

 Just like with shampoo, it is important to choose the right hair conditioner for your hair. Here at Fanola, we have something for everyone. If your hair is dry, you will need a nourishing conditioner that has a rich formula packed with hydrating benefits. By using a moisturising conditioner, you will able to restore your strands and protect them from snapping. However, if your hair is fine, then a conditioner with a rich formula will not work for you. A lightweight product would be better suited to your locks, to avoid weighing them down. If you find that your hair needs extra hydration in-between hair wash days, then a leave-in conditioner may be the best product for you. These hair conditioners normally come in the form of a spray and are perfect for taming unruly locks between washes. A leave-in formula is great for those who want to banish frizz.


How to Use Hair Conditioners

 You should apply your conditioner after you have rinsed out your shampoo. Remember to use the right amount that is suitable is for your hair. For example, if you have long, thick hair, you will need more than someone with a pixie cut. You should only apply your conditioner to the ends of your hair and not the root. Leave the conditioner to work its magic for 2-3 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

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