While lots of people can achieve sleek, straight hair with hair straighteners, some hair types need more help. For instance, naturally curly or wavy hair may struggle when trying to achieve a smooth blowdry. It is because of the texture and the natural curl pattern. The looser the curl is, the easier the hair will be to straighten. It is important to remember to use heat protection on any hair type when using heated styling tools. But this is especially important when it comes to curly hair. It is because curly hair tends to be dry. So heat damage can make it even more so. A popular range for using when straightening hair is Keraterm. The Keraterm treatment is activated by heat and makes the hair quicker to blow dry and style. 


Fanola Straightening Cream Kit

 The Straightening Cream Kit is perfect for clients who want to achieve straight hair that will last for longer than 24 hours. However, a straightening treatment isn’t suitable for all hair types. Therefore, you must make sure that you carry out a consultation before the appointment. During the consultation, you should take into consideration their hair type, texture and volume. Also, you should check the scalp for any skin conditions. Remember to always carry out a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before the service. This service is not recommended for clients who have pre-lightened or bleached hair.

 The Straightening Cream is enriched with sweet almond oil, proteins, linseed oil and silicon filming agents to straighten natural curled hair.

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