Hair Serums/Oils

 Both hair serums and oils are excellent products to add to your hair collection. But both have different roles. Hair serum is to be used before styling the hair and before applying any styling products. It is part of the styling process, whereas oils are part of your hair care routine and contribute to hair health.


The Benefits of Using A Serum

 Using a serum to prep your hair before styling can help you achieve flawless, hairstyles, whether that be a bouncy blowdry or a stylish updo. Hair serums have lots of advantages for your locks. They include taming frizz, adding shine or smoothing any annoying flyaways. It is best to use hair serums on wet hair that has just been washed, and you should use 2-3 drops depending on the length and thickness of your hair. It is important not to use too much as an overload of the product can make your hair look greasy. After applying a serum, you should then move on to your styling products ready to style your hair.


Hair Oils

 As mentioned above, hair oils are a good investment for your hair care routine. But finding the right one for your strands can be quite tricky. If you regularly get your hair coloured or chemically treated then the Oro Therapy Ruby Fluid is perfect for your locks. Are you regularly applying heat to your hair? Then look no further than our Oro Therapy Diamond Fluid for stressed hair. Or maybe you have an on-going struggle with frizz and split-ends. The Oro Therapy Argan Oil Illuminating Fluid will make hair manageable, silky and splendid like gold. 

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