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Botugen Reconstructive Filler 150ml


The professional programme to re-construct brittle and damaged hair. This specially designed range targets the hair's cortex and reconstructs damaged hair from the inside, strengthening the cuticle and making it compact and elastic, plumping up brittle and damaged hair.

Botugen Reconstructive Filler penetrates deeply inside the hair structure, strengthens and plumps up instantly any damaged areas with an intense internal restructuring action. Hair appears revitalised, tonic, elastic and shiny after using the filler. This is step 2 of 4-step process.
Sulphates free
Paraben free
Fragrance free
pH: 5.5

After shampooing, apply the filler diagonally on towel dried, uncombed hair, strand by strand along the lengths (starting from the occipital side) with the help of the syringe (20ml on short hair, 30ml on medium long hair, 35/40ml on long hair) and massage against the scales from the ends to the base of the hair, keeping a uniform pressure over the whole length. leave on for 5-10 minutes under a heat source or a processing cap. do not rinse.

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