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Fiber Fix No. 1 Bond Fixer 500ml

Fiber Fix No. 1 Bond Fixer is a restoring treatment for colouring and bleaching technical services. With a pH of 3,0 - 3,5 Bond Fixer performs the following actions:

  • Protects and restructures hair fibre during technical services (ideal for colouring and lightening)
  • Penetrates the hair during the chemical process
  • Hair looks restored, exceptionally shiny, strong and healthy
  • Does not alter the final colour or lifting power
Squeeze 40g of colour into a non-metal bowl, add 60g of cream developer and 3.5ml N.1 Bond Fixer (1 scoop = 3.5ml). Mix well with a brush then apply to hair and leave for the normal processing time. If the minimum amount of colour indicated is increased, do not increase the amount of N.1 Bond Fixer (it is a set amount for each application). The cream developer’s volume remain the same, follow standard instructions.
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