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No Yellow Clay Lightener 2 x 450g

No yellow bleaching powder for balayage and freehand techniques.

The Clay-enriched formula optimises and neutralises undesired yellow reflections, maintaining a perfect balance of humidity and an excellent consistency. The texture mixed with the oxidizing emulsion adheres perfectly to the hair without dripping or drying, allowing for a precise balayage effect and free-hand bleaching with creative techniques for lightening up to 6/7 tones. Silica-free formula without Titanium Dioxide. NON-FLAMMABLE.

Wear disposable, plastic, protective gloves during preparation, application and rinsing of the product. Pour the necessary amount, adding the Fanola oxidising emulsion (dilution 1+2) in a non-metallic container, leave on the hair until the desired lightening result is obtained. Maximum recommended leave-on time 45 minutes. Mix with a spatula or a brush to obtain an even, creamy consistency. For streaks, do not apply the product to the skin. Barrier cream recommended. Make sure the hair does not touch the face during the leave-on time. Rinse with plenty of water and shampoo.

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