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No Yellow Color Toner Blue 100ml

Fanola No Yellow introduces No Yellow Color Toner System - professional range of 5 coloured toners able to produce different end results on bleached, coloured or lightened hair. The special three dimensional anti-yellow pigments, in synergy with the other colouring pigments in the formula, are able to mix with the residual reflection encountered on the hair, creating multiple colour effect from crazy to pastel.

Colour toners available in Rose, Rose Gold, Green, Blue and Violet

MIX ratio 1:2 With a specific working method and the use of specific amounts of product mixed with theNo Yellow Mask or No Orange Mask, it’s possible to obtain an endless variety of colour intensity on bleached, coloured or lightened hair, with extraordinary pastel effects.The toner can be used neat for a more striking reflection. For Pure crazy addect mix ratio 1:2 with Fanola 10vol, processing time 30mins.

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