Salon Marketing Support


Fanola understand the importance of running a salon so that’s why we make it our business to support your business. Here you will find resources, marketing solutions and promotional materials to help you promote the entire Fanola range. We hope by adding this value to your business, this will ensure you have more time to focus on the more important aspect of your business which is running the salon.

If you have a special request for our creative team, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will come up with the best a solution for your business’s needs.

Fanola Logo_Thumbnail

Fanola Logo Assets
The official Fanola logo can be used where you see the brand fits with your marketing collaterals to show you are an authorised Fanola salon.

Fanola A3 Technical Chart_Thumbnail

Technical Wall Chart
Handy technical chart to display in the salon to help staff with quick Fanola formulas, styles and tips. Contains valuable information.

Fanola Busines Cards_Thumbnail

Business Cards
If you are looking to promote Fanola in the salon, feel free to download the Fanola business card template and forward to your designer to apply your names on them.

Fanola No Yellow A2 Poster_Thumbnail

No Yellow Poster A2
Brand new A2 poster featuring the No Yellow shampoo and mask.

Fanola No Orange A2 Poster_Thumbnail

No Orange Poster A2
Brand new A2 poster featuring the No Orange shampoo and mask.

Fanola Styling Tools A2 Poster_Thumbnail

Styling Tools Poster
Brand new A2 poster featuring the new Fanola Styling Tools range.