Styling Tools



Styling Tools is the new line of styling and finishing range from the Fanola brand that introduces 2 new concepts of creative styling.
Styling Tools is the new line of styling and finishing products that was developed in the salon by the professionals. This range delivers an innovative and functional products that satisfy the need for creativity, exclusivity, reliability at the service of the hairstylist.


 Power Style Extra Strong Hairspray

Provides a super strong fix and gives a weightless well-defined hold. It uses humidity free technology.

Eco Spray Extra Strong Ecologic Lacquer

Gives hair defined hold, restores shine and elasticity. It protects hair from thermal and mechanical stress.

Total Mousse Extra Strong Hair Mousse

Fixes styles by wrapping a protective film around the hair shaft, nourishes and hydrates the hair.

Thermo Force Thermal Fixing Spray

The heat protection factor protects the hair and the cosmetic pigments from heat caused by high temperature styling tools.

Extra Grip Extra Strong Gel

A creamy gel ideal for fashionable hairstyles. It gives a long-lasting strong hold.

Extreme Gel Extreme Fluid Gel

Defines and shapes each single detail. It is rapid drying and does not leave build-up.

Super Matt Extra Strong Shaping Matt Paste

A soft opaque paste with a strong defining effect for a long-lasting look. It gives definition, texture and body.

Working Wax Shaping Paste

Shapes and defines with a semi-polish effect. Excellent for styles that require creativity and fantasy.

Power Volume Volumizing Hair Spray

Gives a weightless controlled hold creating a light and elastic look that protects the hair.

Full Body Volumizing Mousse

Fixes styles by wrapping a protective film around the hair shaft. It nourishes and hydrates the hair.

Go Curl Curly Mousse

Ideal for disciplining and defining curly and wavy hair, either natural or permed while leaving curls soft, light and elastic.

Thermo Shield Thermal Protective Spray

A high-power filming that protects hair from heat and drying, ironing easier with tools at high temperatures, making it soft and shiny.

Liss Style Smoothing Fluid

Nourishes and hydrates, leaving hair easy to work during blow drying. Disciplines and eliminates frizz and makes hair soft and full of shine.

Curl Control Curl Defining Fluid

Formulated to enhance, define and restore elasticity to the natural shape of curls. Leaves hair brilliant and carries out an effective anti-static action.

Easy Curl Curl Definition Cream

Separates and models curls and waves and restores elasticity, texture and shine.

Volume Up Volume Root Spray

Ideal for fine and lifeless hair. It restores body and hold to roots, wraps a resistant, protective and elastic film around the hair shaft and leaves hair soft and full of shine.

Bright Crystals Glossing Crystals

A cosmetic treatment which helps prevent and repair split ends. It makes hair shiny and leaves no residues. Rich in silicon resins, it is particularly recommended for dry or streaked hair.

Super Light Anti Frizz Glossing Spray

A non-greasy, non-sticky formula that leaves hair extraordinarily glossy without weighing it down. It eliminates frizz and performs an effective antistatic action.

Flexi Pomade Flexible Hold Paste

Ideal for shaping wavy styles or curls, with a matt, volumising effect. Creates clearly defined, supple looks with a lasting, high-definition effect.